Giving is underrated.

You can create remarkable moments with us, and it takes less than you think.


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Our Children, Our Responsibility

Buy a pair of shoes, or even team up to buy a pair - you don't have to pay for the whole shoe yourself.

Our shoes are handmade in the local community. In buying a pair of shoes, you are not just helping the kids on their life journey, you are also empowering the local community by supporting their small business.

For every AU$25 you contribute we can buy a pair of shoes. For this very important work, our suppliers are already contributing AU$10 towards each pair.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is our remarkable children living with dignity and purpose. We are on a mission to make them remarkable.


Our Values

We value our children. We value our volunteers. We value an equitable world in which all human beings live with dignity. We take full responsibility for fixing our own challenges - our children, our responsibility.

Work Hard

Why Choose Us

We are Made in Zambia. But seriously. We are working on fixing our own challenges. Between us and our partners, there's pretty much very little we can't fix.

Our Work

We love what we do. We have a great team that continues to deliver life-changing services and activities to children mostly, but also the wider community. Our kids are amazing! Some of them learnt what we do through their friends, and then went back and told their parents they also wanted to be at our learning centre! You have to love that. Self-motivated, wanting to learn and then showing up Monday to Friday to learn and play with their friends. Hearing what their parents and guardians have told us about the work we have done, and continue to do, is very rewarding. Read some of these testimonials below on this page.

Distributing shoes

Nursing as a career day

In October 2022, we had our first career's day. Nurses from within Kitwe gave our students some insight on how it's like to work as a nurse.

Distributing shoes

New Zambian shoes for all of our kids

In October and November 2022 we bought new school shoes and socks for all our. Thanks to our team for making this possible, our donors and to Jacob Valende and Esau Valende for supplying the shoes.

Distributing shoes

New Zambian shoes for all of our kids

In September 2019, we bought new school shoes and socks for all our 110 kids. Thanks to our team for making this possible, our donors and to Zamshu for supplying the shoes.

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Mentorship Program

In January 2018. We held our first Mentorship Program at Full Proof Mission Chisomo Centres in Makeni.

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Donation of blankets to SOS Zambia

In May 2016 we donated blankets to SOS Zambia in Livingstone.

Donated revision books to Chitende High School

Revision books for Chitende High School

In 2015 we donated revision books and sports equipment to Chitende High School.

Zambian Food team in Lusaka

The Big Breakfast

In 2015 we held the Zambian Food Big Breakfast Challege. This was the begining of what was to become the organisation that we are today.

Bunk bed

Donated a bunk bed to Full Proof Mission Chisomo Centre

In 2016 we donated a bunk bed and all beddings shown in the photo to Full Proof Mission Chisomo Centre in Makeni.

Bunk bed

We received donations from Box For a Child

We give to others, but we too have received many donations from other organisations. We received donations of school bags, textbooks, pens, pencils and many others school items from Box For a Child in January 2020.

Bunk bed

Donated sports equipment

In 2016 we donated sports equipment to Jack Moffat Memorial School.

Bunk bed

Donated tablets

In 2016 we donated tablets to Jack Moffat Memorial School.

Bunk bed

Kamatipa Needs Assessment Report

In July 2019, we conducted a needs assessment of the Kamatipa community. If you would like to buy a copy of the report, or would like to fund further work on the report, please email us at [email protected].


The learning programme has lessened my burden of sending my children to school. I'm the breadwinner in our family. I sell vegetables as a business. I have seven children. Four of my own and three orphaned nieces. Taking care of this number of children has been a challenge. Before your free learning programme came to our community, only the first and second borns were able to go to school. All the others stayed at home and helped me sell vegetables.

Ms Nsama - Kitwe

Gangs have reduced among boys aged 12 and above who had dropped out of school due to not meeting the demands of government schools. Because these kids now spend time learning and doing other co-curricular activities. They rarely have time to loiter the streets, drinking alcohol and mocking passing girls as the girls head to school.

Mrs Zulu - Kitwe

I run a makeshift store next to my house. I don’t make much money. My son John stopped going to school because he was mocked about being old for his grade. So I am really thankful because your learning centre has placed him in the appropriate class without first looking at his age or height. It is also a blessing that my son now wears expensive school shoes. Shoes that I cannot afford to buy him from the money that I make. – Mr. Phiri

Mr Phiri - Kitwe